Monday, July 25, 2005

This looks promising!

The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals has just put out their first online magazine (an "e-zine") and it looks like something you'll want to bookmark and read each month.

In their first feature article, J. Ligon Duncan has a great article entitled "Do We Need A New Perspective On Justification." Other regular features include:

The Front Desk features Rick Phillips, who tackles the historical roots, distinctive theology, and major authors of the New Perspective on Paul in this three part series.


Books, books and more books. Shelf Life is dedicated to the review of the titles impacting the evangelical world today.


Looking for more? From the Archives offers helpful essays and powerful sermons from some of the giants of the faith. Spurgeon. Sproul. Calvin. Bonar. They’re all here!


Counterpoints will offer cultural insights from some of the leading pastor/scholars of today. Carl Trueman, Phil Ryken, Derek Thomas, and more.

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