Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More crazy "Christianity" from The Door

The Wittenburg Door has been around for years and years. Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, sometimes revealing, always controversial. They are the ones that Benny Hinn is suing for running the clip of his wife "preaching" about "receiving" the Holy Ghost. They have a collection of clips from various television ministries that originally ran on a Comedy Central (isn't that sad?) segment called GODSTUFF.

This could possibly offend some of you (so don't watch if you are easily put out) but I don't think the commentators are mocking authentic faith - only the false, devilish, puny rantings of seriously deluded gospel-peddlers who long ago sold their ministry to the highest bidder. I do know that my faith is NOTHING like the silly juvenile unbiblical excesses I see in these videos. It reminds of what Moses might have seen when he came down off the mountain and saw the Hebrews dancing around that golden calf.

I have absolutely no problem exposing the abject ecstatic paganism that exists as worship in their ministries. They revel in things the Babylonians would be embarrassed to see. The two emotions I feel are anger towards these hucksters and charlatans and pity for their deceived audiences around the world!

Here you get to see such stalwarts of the faith as:
  1. Kenneth Hagin (the granddaddy of all this sort of nonsense) "blows over" an entire section of people with his "Holy Spirit-powered breath" and "gospel cackle."
  2. Kenneth Copeland (the heir to much of Hagin's heresy) rolling on the floor of a worship service laughing like a hyena
  3. Don Swaggart dancing through the congregation of a London church and another minister "inflicts the mother of all stomach cramps upon a couple of spirit-filled yuppies."
  4. Bob Tilton uses the Holy Spirit to read x-rays.
  5. Marilyn Hickey (scary) is a self-proclaimed "growth-tumor-wart woman" (Wasn't she in Superman 4?) and she remembers seeing an "eye growth" fall off into some woman's hand.
You can see all that and more on this website. Then just tune in to the lunacy on TBN and watch even more. Better yet - DON'T!

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