Monday, July 18, 2005

Amazing Software

Go to this website (Google Earth) and download the software and be amazed. Google has mapped much of the earth and you get to enjoy a C.T.U. type command of your own satellite view of the planet. Of course, some areas are better mapped than others. For instance, you can get a great view of downtown Charlotte and can follow I-77 north past Huntersville and then at one point right before Mooresville (I think), the maps get fuzzy and everything looks like a grove of trees. Here are some of the places I "visited":

.Here is the "blur" between civilized Charlotte and primitive Statesville.

Here is a map of the National Mall at Washington, DC. Some people thought that this map software was dangerous because terrorist might use it to create terror. That terribly underestimates those men.

Here is the football stadium of the Carolina Panthers. I can't remember off the top of my head exactly what this stadium is called right now. Of course, it doesn't matter. Thanks to one of my biggest pet peeves, no matter what this place is called now, it will be called something different before long. I've seen two games here (thanks, Chuck): the Panthers lost to Green Bay and New Orleans.

Here is downtown Pittsburgh showing the stadiums for the world's greatest football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and one of the world's worst baseball teams, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Several men from our local fantasy baseball league had tickets to a game in Pittsburgh in the first of August when the Dodgers came to Steel Town. Alas, that fell through thanks to some shoddy ticket-sales by the Pirate front office.

Here is a map of part of the campus of North Carolina State University. I spent four good years here getting edjumacated. I spent the first three years in Lee Dorm, right beside the baseball field and the railroad tracks. I was there to see one ACC championship. Good times. Good times.

Finally, here is the Don Cesar Hotel and Resort, site of some great memories. Ambra and I spent our thirteenth anniversary in St. Petersburg, Florida in this incredible place. The sand was white, the water was somewhere between clear and blue and the kids were hundreds of miles away in North Carolina.

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