Monday, July 11, 2005

I thought 20 was pretty good!

Back in high school, two friends and I learned the value of PI to twenty decimal places. Don't believe me? Here it is:


I really don't know why we did that. We even tried to put "Pi Club" in the back of our senior yearbook where they listed everyone's accomplishments, right beside my sophomore year in the Rook Club (what a GEEK!). They caught it and the "Pi Club" didn't make it in the book.

But twenty is nothing. Recently, a psychiatric counselor from Japan memorized and repeated Pi to 83,431 places. The 59-year old broke his old record by a little over 54,000. It took about eleven hours to do it all.

I wonder who the poor man was who had to sit and listen and verify each and every digit!

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Bruce Roberts said...

The poor old man probably had to schedule an appointment with the psychiatric counselor.