Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The juggernaut that is "Left Behind"

Word from www.leftbehindgames.com is that a new video game based on the novels is soon to be released. That should almost complete the collection for the eschatological obsessed person, going well with his "Left Behind pajamas" and "Left Behind dress socks" and "Left Behind mud flaps."

Why do we wonder that so many Christian youth see truth as relative, and doctrine as discardable? It's all a big game to them. We have trivialized and commercialized Bible truth as a Christian culture for well over a generation now, so why should the lack of a doctrinal foundation in the next Christian generation surprise us. The video generation will, for the most part, know the Word of God only by image and feeling. Objective truth? Is that a video game?

Remember in Acts 19 when Demetrius got upset with Paul for ruining his Ephesian business of making silver statues of Artemis. In today's society, we'd almost expect Paul to get Demetrius to start making some sort of "Christian" silver objects, maybe a silver cross for your pocket. That way Demetrius could still make his money and the "gospel would still get out."

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