Monday, July 11, 2005

The Big Move

From the Lakewood Church website, we learn that the mega-church made its big move into the former COMPAQ Center, (which used to be the home of the Houston Rockets):
On the site of the former Compaq Center in Houston, the clock has been ticking on a miracle. At the new Lakewood Church Central Campus, construction has been moving forward, planning has been intense, and our expectations have been high. The scope of the project has been unlike anything ever done before - A church with no limits...and no outreach that stretches the imagination and opens doors to the power of God to change millions around the world. Join us as we open the doors to the new Lakewood Church July 16-17.
You can go HERE to look at the floorplans for this amazing facility, purchased and reconstructured for church services at a cost of $75 million.

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Mike Cline said...

Now that's vision. Could you please bring this to the next Deacons meeting.