Friday, June 17, 2005

The SBC and Public Schools: At it again!

In his daily column on, Southern Seminary president Al Mohler has noted that the issue of Christians and public schools will once again be raised at next week's convention. In that article, he says:

As the Southern Baptist Convention convenes in Nashville next week, the issue of public education is once again at the center of potential controversy. For the second year in a row, proposed resolutions have been submitted to the denomination's Committee on Resolutions, calling for Christians to reconsider support for the nation's public school system.

Last year, retired Air Force General T. C. Pinckney and Houston attorney Bruce N. Shortt submitted a resolution calling for Southern Baptists to remove their children from "government schools." In explaining the proposed resolution, Pinckney said that public schools "now must be in the United States officially godless," adding: "This amounts to an artificial compartmentalization of life." An influential conservative leader and former SBC second vice president, Pinckney had urged the Convention to pass the resolution. "We believe it is time for the SBC to take a biblical stand on this issue," he said.

You can head the whole article here.

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