Sunday, June 26, 2005

OK, one more on Osteen and then, that's it!

I just read some good news on the Joel Osteen website. He has issued an apology to the Christian community for his poor showing on the "Larry King Live" television interview. I'll let you read his words:

Dear Friend,

Many of you have called, written or e-mailed regarding my recent appearance on Larry King Live. I appreciate your comments and value your words of correction and encouragement.

It was never my desire or intention to leave any doubt as to what I believe and Whom I serve. I believe with all my heart that it is only through Christ that we have hope in eternal life. I regret and sincerely apologize that I was unclear on the very thing in which I have dedicated my life.

Jesus declared in John 14; I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me. I believe that Jesus Christ alone is the only way to salvation. However, it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to review the transcript of the interview that I realize I had not clearly stated that having a personal relationship with Jesus is the only way to heaven. It’s about the individual’s choice to follow Him.

God has given me a platform to present the Gospel to a very diverse audience. In my desire not to alienate the people that Jesus came to save, I did not clearly communicate the convictions that I hold so precious.

I will use this as a learning experience and believe that God will ultimately use it for my good and His glory. I am comforted by the fact that He sees my heart and knows my intentions. I am so thankful that I have friends, like you, who are willing to share their concerns with me.

Thank you again to those who have written. I hope that you accept my deepest apology and see it in your heart to extend to me grace and forgiveness.

As always, I covet your prayers and I am believing for God’s best in your life,

Joel Osteen
Pastor - Lakewood Church

That is very encouraging. It is good to read such humble and clear words. How unlike the typical "apology" by most "celebrities" today - you know, the kind that says "I'm sorry if you were offended." The kind of apology that never really apologizes for what was said! Osteen at least honestly admits his mistake and takes full responsility.

The only proper response is to extend the very forgiveness for which he asks -- and with equal humility. Our other concerns about his theology can wait for another day.


TONY said...

Every crowd has a silver lining.

Bruce Roberts said...

I too am encouraged. It's not considered cool today to apologize for mistakes, yet he did. I agree with Jeff, his theological foundation aside, in this issue, he made a mistake, confessed it, and asked for forgiveness. As followers of Christ, we have no choice but to make the choice to forgive him. Think about that "no choice but the make the choice" line for a while and it'll grab you. It would make a good topic for a blog if I had one.

Mike Cline said...

Just more chin music if you ask me. You can not be all things to all people.