Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Don't laugh!

Read this amazing story:

TOKYO, June 19(Xinhuanet)-- Japanese Kozo Haraguchi, 95, broke the world record in 100 meters track for men aged 95-99 at an athletic event held in Miyazaki, Japan on Sunday.

After running 22.04 seconds in the rain to break the previous world record of 24.01 held by an Australian man, Haraguchi said,"I ran, thinking I shouldn't fall because everyone was cheering for me. I will keep working as hard as possible."

In 2000, Haraguchi set a world record for the ages of 90-94 at 18.08 in an athletic event. He began track and field at age 65 to stay in shape, and he takes an hourlong walk around his neighborhood every morning.

The organizer of Sunday's athletic event will apply for an official record recognition from the World Masters Athletics.

Sadly, that means this 95-year-old could probably beat most of US in this race!

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Bruce Roberts said...

I'll have you know that I ran the 100 m a few years ago with my students when were learning about metric distances and decimal numbers. I believe my time was somewhere around 17 seconds so I could hang with that 90-94 crowd and blow by those 95-99 year olds.