Friday, May 05, 2006

Who Said It? Part VIII

Somebody STOP ME!!! PLEASE!!!

OK, last one from this bunch:
"Holy Spirit said something to me and I had to go like a mad man and looking in the Word. He says, ‘God’s original plan is that the woman was to bring forth children out of her side.’ What? You know that there is nowhere in the Bible but where God gives birth out of His side. Jesus gives birth to the church out of His side. Adam gives birth to his wife out of his side. It was sin that turned the thing around. And it was sin that transformed her flesh and her body."


Mike Cline said...

Tony Evans

Jim Pemberton said...

Tony Evans!?! Say it ain't so. It makes me wonder about the context.

Tony Evans said...

That ain't me! I've never said anything that stupid. That's more of that Binny Hinn character.

Mike Cline said...

I was only teasing