Thursday, May 25, 2006


Say it ain't so!

If you watched the season finale of "24" on Monday night, you saw some satisfying scenes: Jack commandeering a Russian sub, Jack teaching an engineer the proper technique to slit a bad guy's throat, Christopher Henderson getting his come-uppance, a really cool stare-down from Jack to the kidnapped President and finally President Logan getting JUSTICE RIGHT NOW!

There was also a tender scene at the end of the show where CTU Director Bill Buchanon gave Chloe a picture of her with Edgar Styles, her friend who died when the Centox nerve gas was unleashed in CTU HQ ASAP PDQ.

However, what you might have missed was the scribbling on the back of the photo. The camera stayed there a little long and I was able to pause the TiVO (thank you, Lord, for my TiVO) and I took some digital photos. Can you decipher the "top-secret CTU code"? Maybe this is why CTU is so easy to infiltrate and escape - they utilize third-grade note-passing codes!!!

Photo 1 - Chloe opening photo - just to show you the context:

Photo 2 - Closeup of "coded" message:

Photo 3 - Closeup of some "secret numbers" (perhaps a Chinese fortune cookie):

Photo 4 - Closeup of Jack. He's got the Chinese right where he wants them!

I called the "fan phone," being the 24-nerd that I am. It connects you to a Nextel phone but it was "full." So, we have seven months to see what happens next to Jack. Hopefully we'll learn more about the Graham and the Bluetooth Gang, the location of Wayne Palmer and Aaron Pierce, the ability of Hal Gardner and vice-president !MIKE NOVICK! to govern the country.

Jack vs the Chinese army - sounds like a fair fight!


Jim Pemberton said...

The links to the photos are broken. Perhaps they're there, but most users don't have access to the location.

...not that I've ever seen 24. :)

Jeff A. Spry said...

Now they're fixed!

Mike Cline said...

You are the man Jeffy. How did you ever see that ?

Jeff A. Spry said...

TiVO and a Hi-Def screen!!!

Jim Pemberton said...

...connected to your computer, no less...

...and you thought my calculator watch with military time on it was geeky.

Jim Pemberton said...

Oh, sorry. It takes forever for the photos to load on my snail-like dial-up. You took photos with your digital camera of your HDTV screen. (Not bad quality actually.) That's not very geeky.

Jeff A. Spry said...

I was admiring your calculator watch with a geeky covetousness. It was admiration - GEEKS UNITE!!!

Jim Pemberton said...

I'm honored. This post is actually remeniscent of movie goofs (you can find many at Yes, I have spent hours hunting for errors in movies.