Friday, May 19, 2006

John MacArthur's Pulpit

While many churches have gone to lucite pulpits in some attempt at relevance, the pulpit used by John MacArthur at Grace Community Church is ginormous. It is also famous as one of the first pulpits built on a hydraulic lift, capable of being raised and lowered into the platform.

Phil Johnson, blogger extraordinaire and right-hand man to Johnny Mac, wrote about the pulpit here. The pictures he speaks of in that past can be found here, along with the dimensions (just in case you wanted to build one yourself).

Finally, here is one confessional post from a former church member and custodial staffer at Grace. He tells of "riding the pulpit."


Mike Cline said...

Speaking of pupits: While I was a student at Liberty in the early 80's Dr. Falwell was just beginning the Moral Majority. He had also been very active in getting voters registered in a push to elect Ronald Reagan.
During that time he received a lot of death threats which were often talked about in public around school and at TRBC.
It is said, although I don't know this for sure, that the pupit at TRBC was fortified with lead to prevent bullets from penetrating it.
I do know that he had a "secret service" type protection at that time. I was personal friends with the captain of that team and they were always with him and ALWAYS packing.
I'm thankful that nothing ever happened from these threats and that Falwell is still Pastoring at 73.

Jim Pemberton said...

You should see the elaborate built-in pulpits in some churches of the more liturgical denominations - some of the kind you climb stairs to get into. I've never seen a different pulpit improve a weak message, however.