Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hank Hill and the Mega-Church

On "King of the Hill," it appears the "pew situation" might lead Hank Hill to change churches. His wife wants to visit the local mega-church. A few quotes:

Hank: That place is too big. What does it have - 5,000 some odd members.
Peggy: And it pampers ALL of them . . . dry cleaning.
Hank: If I wanted to go that route, I could just walk around the mall and think about Jesus.

Some hippie: I don't go to church, church goes with me. I worship when I'm drinking a beer, digging a hole or fishing for trout.
Hank's airhead daughter: Wow, that's beautiful.
Hank: Louann, I happen to know that's asinine.

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Bruce said...

Maybe I'm giving away too much information here but Louann is Hank's neice I think. Her mother is in prison and that's why she's living with the Hills. One question: Was this on the Sunday night new episodes or the late night daily reruns?