Friday, March 17, 2006

Interesting - OT Citations in the NT

At least I found it interesting. Go HERE to see the numbers - its the blog for the English Standard Version of the Bible (a very good translation - somewhere between the NIV and NASB).

And that just set the record for the worst sentence on this entire blog.

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Jim Pemberton said...

The graphical representation makes sense. There would be many references to the law in the Pentateuch, as well as the extensive messianic prophesies in the writings of David and Isaiah. There would also be fewer references to OT history and the historical prophets. The NT books that would require many references would be Acts, which contain sermons that make historical references and Paul's letter to the Romans which uses much of the OT as an apologetic for new messianic theology.

What is interesting is that there are plenty of references in the NT to the OT that aren't direct citations. The entire book of Revelation is a prime example. (This supports that argument that John wished to cloak the message from those who were not familiar with the writings of Jeremiah.)

BTW FYI, your "worst sentence" really just follows a new form of internet-induced writing that incorporates references to hypertext and linked context. This new form of writing also tends to follow spoken, rather than written, language.