Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Boston - Day Nine

I never got a straight answer regarding the "Terrorist Chicken" from last night but I think it came from the office at Western Avenue. Thanks, guys!

Today was another long day in the classroom. My group was up first. We got to class around 7:15 AM for our 8:45 AM class. We printed out some papers in the computer lab and just went over some last minute preparation. We were teaching on "Three Developmental Questions." This lesson basically states that there are only four things you can do with an idea: 1) restate it, 2) explain it, 3) prove it, and 4) apply it. These questions must be asked of the text and also must be imagined from the perspective of the person in the pew.

John introduced the lesson and then I taught the meat of the lesson - explaining the three questions (you can use the first one but it doesn't advance the thought). I explained how this step in the process of sermon development was essential to move from the ancient world of the text into the modern world - to get out from behind the desk and start moving towards the pulpit.

I led them through the three questions, giving several examples from the world and the Bible. After this teaching, we gave the class six sample passages to "test" them. Steve then led the group through the passage of "The Transfiguration" and John closed the session by leading the class through some more difficult passages.

We received some good remarks from the class. Dr. Robinson and Dr. Buzzell told John later in the day that he and Haddon both remarked during our session that ours was the first one that was not a "pretend" class but that real teaching and real learning was going on in the calssroom. High praise indeed from these two!

Another group of preachers taught on outlines and after lunch a third group taught on supporting materials (illustrations, etc.). Tonight was spent at the mall, mostily sitting in the massager chairs in Brookstone. We capped it off with some milkshakes from Johnny Rockets.

Tomorrow, we have two groups teaching on "Purpose of the Sermon & Application" and "Sermon Introductions and Conclusions." Then Wednesday afternoon will be spent with some Q&A with Haddon, which is always a beneficial time as we tap into his years of wisdom.

We were told that we would be done with the course Thursday at lunch. That was disappointing news because my flight home does not leave Boston until Friday afternoon at 2:30 PM. I was told a few months ago that the classes would not be completed until 4:00 Thursday and I wanted to get a flight that would best fit my wife's schedule so she could pick me up. I called US Air about changing the flight. They had a good one available but it would cost $100 to change the ticket and then an addition FIVE HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT DOLLARS difference in cost. I politely declined. The only alternative was to leave around 6:00 PM and head to Philly for a long long layover and get to Charlotte around midnight. I guess I can spend the extra time trying to complete chapter two.

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