Monday, March 13, 2006

Boston - Day Eight

I am searching for something to tell you but I'm coming up empty. Today was spent in the classroom. After last week's sessions on teaching, we are now divided up into groups and are to pretend we are teaching a freshman level "Introduction to Preaching" course at a local Christian college/seminary. Each group is assigned a class session.

Today, three groups taught lessons on "Introduction to the Course" and "Definition of Expository Preaching" and "The Big Idea."

My group is on first thing in the morning and we were assigned to teach on "The Three Developmental Questions." These are three questions that preachers must ask and answer because these are the questions our listeners are asking. People hear words from the Bible or words from the preacher and ask: "Explain that me: What does it mean?" or "Prove It: Is that true?" or Apply it: What difference does that make?"

We were out of class around 3:30 and the evening was spent doing some last minute review and practice for the lesson. In about 20 minutes, four or five guys are coming over to my hotel room to watch "24." Many of them will be watching it for the first time ever. I am hoping for some new converts tonight in my continuing witness for this show.

Bryan and I were talking about this earlier: You really do witness passionately about the things you are passionate about. What if we all talked to other people about Jesus the way we talk about ball games, television shows and restaurants? Don't you think the world would be a lot different today?

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Jim Pemberton said...

This is true about passionate witness. One condition will change the dynamics, however. We tend to temper our witness according to our perception of how our audience will take it - whether they will share our excitement, lose interest quickly or become hostile toward us. For example, a couple excited about their recent engagement may refrain from telling parents who they believe will disapprove of the marriage. Another example: I don't go about trying to start conversations on topics like the mechanics of genetic degredation as it likely affected post-diluvian life spans, although such things greatly interest me. I'm aware that most people just aren't conversant on it and I will be labeled (albeit correctly) a nerd.

Nevertheless, while it shouldn't be a factor in the witness of a Christian to the good news of the grace of Christ, many Christians typically don't witness because they fear being branded a "Jesus freak."