Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Boston - Day Ten

I think EVERYONE is ready to go home. It's getting harder and harder to sit in class all day. Two more groups gave class presentations and they went well. After lunch, we came back for FOUR HOURS of unguided discussion. Questions ranged from creating effective sermon introductions to how Haddon spends his day (he gets up at 5:00 every morning to exercise and he sees no difference between reading the Bible for study and reading the Bible devotionally). We also talked about the "Golden Days" at Dallas Theological Seminary back in the 60s and 70s. Haddon taught there with men like Bruce Waltke and S. Lewis Johnson and Howard Hendricks and many others.

Class ended at 5:00 and we were ushered to a building for a special dinner. We ate and then gathered in a room to "share" about the three residencies and the two years we've spent together. Haddon again made the remark that our residency seems to him to be the closest group since he started working in the D.Min. ministry. I have no frame of reference but I find it believable. It's going to be strange not returning to Boston next year at this time.

It snowed today. Yep, that's right - snow. Hard snow. Windy snow. Snow that hurt when it hit you. But it only dusted the ground. After eight days of beautiful weather, it turned nasty very fast. I think it's called a "squall." Of course, that's nowhere close to last year's "nor'easter."

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