Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another day, another parody artist is out of a job!

If there are any people looking to write a parody about modern day Christianity, it is surely getting very hard for them to come up with original ideas. You just can't make some of this up - yet we see it happening for real right before our eyes!

Go here to see a new boardgame based on Joel Osteen's bestselling book, "Your Best Life Now." As Riddlebarger wrote, "what happens if two players each claim victory and they have equal faith? Who will win?"

Go here to see the latest sighting of Jesus. According to the news story, miracles are becoming commonplace occurrences in this Katrina-ravaged church:

"Many have been healed," said Pastor Ella Roberts. "One young man that belonged here was scheduled to go on dialysis. "The next week, he laid his hand there on the wall on the image, went to the doctor and they said they can't see where, why, how."

Church members say miracles occur when you touch the wall. "From touching that, my eyesight began to clear up completely," said Benita Bogan.

Skeptics like James Broughton are not sure what to make of it. He suffers from diabetes and is hoping for a better life. "I heard about it a couple of hours ago," said Broughton. When he was asked why he came, his response was "I don't know."

"You also have to look at it through your spiritual eyes and be able to
recognize that it is Jesus himself on that wall," said Bogan.
I need to go to the "spiritual eye doctor" because I just couldn't see an image.

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Jim Pemberton said...

Okay, it KINDA looks like a man in the shape of a cross, just as much as the constellation Orion really looks like a man with a belt. I guess if I find something that kinda looks like Jesus, I might kinda get a miracle if I worship it. That's not going to happen.

Call me a man like the centurion in Matt 8:8. All the Great Commander needs to do is give the Word and I'll be satisfied with the Word He gives. He doesn't need sheet rock and neither do I.