Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy? Really?

I walked into the den and saw that my youngest (turns 7 in Sept) was watching an old "Tom and Jerry" cartoon. In particular, he was watching "Part-Time Pal" which was produced in 1947. I saw him smiling and asked if he liked to watch those old cartoons and he said he did. That answer made me smile.

However, as I continued to watch, I noticed the cartoon contained the comedic cartoon staple of accidental drunkenness. It appears Tom was trying to keep Jerry out of the fridge at the command of "Mammy Two-Shoes" (a topic for another post). Anyway, Tom was chasing Jerry and Tom fell through the floor into the basement and into a barrel of "CIDER-XXX" in the basement. After sobering up thanks to some water thrown in his face, Tom later slipped in the bathroom and a bottle of bay rum fell into his mouth. After quickly drinking the entire bottle, Tom began to smile and hiccup a lot. All the while, the old "How Dry I Am" music was playing.

I asked Joey what was going on. He said, "Tom drank something and now he's happy." Just like that, an opportunity to teach my son something came from out of the blue. I believe he has a new definition of "happy" now.

PS - I read from the source of the picture that it is OK to post under Fair-Use Laws. I don't know what that means but I'll take their word for it.

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