Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Father's Day: What to Give When Ties Disappear?

It appears that the men's tie is about to become extinct. In this article from the Wall Street Journal, we read that:

Many American men stopped wearing neckties years ago. Now, even tie guys are giving up on them. After 60 years, the Men's Dress Furnishings Association, the trade group that represents American tie makers, is expected to shut down Thursday.

Association members now number just 25, down from 120 during the 1980s power-tie era. U.S. tie companies have been consolidating. Others have closed because of overseas competition as the U.S. market share for American-made ties has fallen to about 40%, from 75% in 1995. Members have lost interest. But the biggest reason for the group's demise: Men aren't wearing ties.

Click here for an interesting look at the evolution of the modern tie.

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