Monday, June 16, 2008

The ESV Study Bible

Crossway will release the new English Standard Version Study Bible in October 2008 and it looks to be an amazing tool for Bible study.

The publishers have a lot of information already available at their website -

Of particular interest is their recent release of the introductory material to the Book of the Revelation. Crossway says:

The Introduction to the book of Revelation explains the book’s author, date, historical setting, and purpose. The introduction also unpacks the key themes of the book, its literary features, and its place in the history of salvation. In addition to a full-color map showing the location of the seven churches mentioned in Revelation 2 and 3, you’ll also find a number of charts that give an overview of the various approaches to interpreting Revelation and the different millennial positions.

Every book in the ESV Study Bible has an introduction like this one, providing essential information to enrich your study of God’s Word. We have also included the first few pages from chapters 1 and 2 of the book of Revelation so that you can see the font size and layout of the ESV Study Bible.

I imagine that this Bible will be my default answer to those asking "What Bible should I get?"

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