Thursday, May 22, 2008

I've Been Monergized!

Is that a word? It should be. I'm referring to the incredible work of John Hendryx and his incredible Monergism website. If you are not familiar with the word "monergism," Hendryx explains it this way: The word "monergism" consists of two main parts. The Greek prefix "mono" signifies "one", "single", or "alone" while the suffix "ergon" means "to work". Taken together it means "the work of one". is the online epicenter of the Reformed world, containing thousands upon thousands of links to articles, lectures, and MP3s of reformed teachers and scholars both past and present. A few of my classes from our Wednesday night "Equipping University" have managed to be included alongside some of my heroes in the faith. Here are some links:

Lessons on Calvinism

Lessons on Textual Criticism (at the top under "Has the Bible Been Corrupted?")

Lessons on Heresy!

Lessons on Open Theism

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