Friday, May 23, 2008

Christianity or Jesusanity

Justin Taylor interviews Dr. Darrell Bock of Dallas Theological Seminary. He recently co-wrote Dethroning Jesus with Dan Wallace, a book about our culture's bent on "loving Jesus" as long as it is not the Jesus of Scriptures. In fact, they put forth an entirely new American religion:

Central to your book is the claim that there are two competing Jesus stories: Christianity and Jesusanity. Can you explain what you mean by these terms and how these visions differ?

Christianity is the old, well-known, biblical story that Jesus was the Messiah and came to restore a broken relationship with humanity through his work as Son of God. In other words, Jesus’ person is key to Christianity.

Jesusanity is the alternative “cultural Christianity,” where Jesus is a prophet, even a religious great, but his person is not involved in God’s program, only his teaching on how we can know God through ourselves. Thus the person of Jesus and the centrality of him in what God is doing is ignored. This is now a quite widespread claim in many TV documentaries about Jesus, especially on niche historical channels.

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