Saturday, February 11, 2006

Comic Books

Confession time: I have a LOT of comic books. A LOT. Mostly Batman. That makes this webpage very interesting to me. It's an "Our Army At War" issue with Sgt. Rock from February 1972. A separate story at the back was written by Bob Haney and pencilled and inked by Alex Toth with a nice surprise ending.

Haney worked for DC for decades and wrote some great stories for Brave and Bold, World's Finest, Batman, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans (which he gets credit for co-creating) comics. On a lesser note, he was responsible for the "Super Sons" story arcs found in World's Finest (where Batman and Superman had "sons" who also fought crime in an attempt to woo the teen market). He also wrote a lot of "war comics" such as BlackHawk and Sgt. Rock and Suicide Squad.

Toth also has a great record in the comics industry. He drew a great Batman story from 1974 called "Death Flies the Haunted Sky." He is most often noted for his work on some great animated TV shows, including "Johnny Quest" and Space Ghost" and "SUPER FRIENDS." Yes, THAT "Super Friends."

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