Monday, January 30, 2006

As far as excuses go, this one is pretty lame!

In the recent edition of Christianity Today, the producers of "End of the Spear" justify the hiring of Chad Allen to play the role of Nate Saint. They say that they didn't know Chad was gay until after they had selected him for the part and then they said they felt obligated to give him the job.

Does anyone really believe that? Is that how they hire people in Hollywood? Just look at the face and say "He's our man!" We live in information age where you can find out almost anything in milliseconds.

I just typed in the words "Chad Allen" on GOOGLE. In less than a fraction of a second (Thanks to a sooooper fast DSL connection), I had 4.7 MILLION links to check through. Now, it is obvious that there is more written about Chad Allen in the last few weeks than before the movie came out. But a simple search surely would have revealed the cover to a recent edition of ADVOCATE magazine, a nationally known gay/lesbian periodical.

So, a Christian company that you would suppose would want to cover all the bases to protect itself and its message could not take the time (all three seconds of it) to do even this little bit of "research" on its starring actor. It might be just me - but I find that just a little tough to swallow.

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