Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Should've chanted the mantra a few more times

Bruce Wilkinson of "Prayer of Jabez" fame has made the Wall Street Journal - but not for good reasons. It seems he tried to "expand his territory" in Africa and it all fell apart. Here are some quotes from the WSJ article:
In 2002 Bruce Wilkinson, a Georgia preacher whose self-help prayer book had made him a rich man, heard God's call, moved to Africa and announced his intention to save one million children left orphaned by the AIDS epidemic.

In October, Mr. Wilkinson resigned in a huff from the African charity he founded. He abandoned his plan to house 10,000 children in a facility that was to be an orphanage, bed-and-breakfast, game reserve, bible college, industrial park and Disneyesque tourist destination in the tiny kingdom of Swaziland.

What happened in between is a story of grand hopes and inexperience, divine inspiration and human foibles. Mr. Wilkinson won churchloads of followers in Swaziland, but left them bereft and confused. He gained access to top Swazi officials, but alienated them with his demands. And his departure left critics convinced he was just another in a long parade of outsiders who have come to Africa making big promises and quit the continent when local people didn't bend to their will.

This is a very sad story that went horribly wrong at some point. Perhaps it was in the asking
for the $190 million Christian resort!

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