Saturday, December 03, 2005

If Paul Crouch was consistent, TBN would be GONE!

Long-time prophetic extremist Hal Lindsey was recently booted from the TBN collection of televised shows. Lindsey hosted a show called "The International Intelligence Briefing where he brought "updated news on current world events and Bible prophecy." According to the TBN sitge, the International Intelligence Briefing uses cutting edge research and International News for all subject matter.

The whole matter is a mess:
After insisting the pre-emption of Hal Lindsey's television show had nothing to do with content, a Trinity Broadcasting Network spokesman retracted his statement, admitting officials were concerned, at least secondarily, about offending Arabs and Muslims. But now, after talking with network programming officials, he says a secondary reason for pre-empting the show was that it "placed Arabs in a negative light."
So far, no word yet on whether or not Paul Crouch and all of TBN has been cancelled for fear of offending the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

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Jim Pemberton said...

I don't watch TBN. When reviewing the programming for theological integrity, it sat on my stomach worse than the bilge programmed on most of the secular networks. Were they to have a lineup of good theological "meat" then they did the right thing. However, I doubt that this is the case.