Saturday, September 03, 2005


It's been a while since I posted anything to this site. To be perfectly honest, two particular things have been occupying my attention the last several days:
  1. A course taught in our church's Equipping University on the Rapture. I spent a few weeks presenting a positive case for pretrib, midtrib, pre-wrath and posttrib. I had never spend much time studying eschatology, preferring to rely on my tradition as a premillenial pretrib dispensationalist. I still am not sure exactly what I believe but I now know what I do NOT believe - the pretribulation rapture!
  2. Preparing for the draft of the 2005 Western Avenue Fantasy Football League (the WAFFL). This three year old league is getting stronger each year and more fun, as well. We held our draft on August 30. I would blog a LOT on this but I doubt any of you (or should that say EITHER of you) care.
There have been several things that have caught my eye and are blog-worthy, including a recent sermon by Prestonwood's Jack Graham, a new competition called something like "American Gospel Idol" or some such nonsense, Hurrican Katrina and God's role/purpose in all that happened and is happening in New Orleans and some interesting stuff coming out of Rick Warren's Saddleback Church.

Maybe I'll get back here soon and discuss some of these things.
Maybe later.


Jim Pemberton said...

I wish I could've taken your rapture class. You'll have to give it again. I haven't studied it in any depth and recognize my own ignorance of the subject. I've always leaned toward pretrib, but that's because hard-line dispensationalists are the ones who focus on it the most and that's the teaching one typically finds. (Dispensationalism is good for hermeneutical analysis, but should not be used as a core for theological synthesis.)

Of note, I've learned that where the Bible is not clear on a subject, most often it's because we are not asking the right question. To illustrate this point, of what applicable value is it to know at what point relative to the tribulation the rapture will take place? Nevertheless, you have me intrigued.

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