Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Left's Hatred of The Book

The president of Thomas Nelson recently announced that his company was going to donate a lot of money and a lot more Bibles (100,000 of them, to be exact). You can read that here and in this excerpt:
We will donate 100,000 Bibles to the relief efforts. Why Bibles? This afternoon, an official in Baton Rouge said on Fox News, “We need water, food, ... and Bibles.” This is something I knew we could help with. Samaritan's Purse, an organization headed by Franklin Graham, one of our authors, has agreed to distribute these for us. We will begin shipping them to Louisiana as soon as we get instructions from Samaritan’s Purse.
Amazingly, but predictably, this has set off a firestorm of protests from the Left. Some of the vitriol spilled over this issue is truly mindboggling until you get theological and remember that these people are unregenerate and haters of God. They are doing only that which comes natural to them.

Here is a sample of the responses: (Click here and here to read more!)

My God. The man has no shame. People are starving and dying of thirst and the best he can do is Bibles for people who live in the Bible belt. They wouldn't even be able to use them for kindling because they don't need fires to keep warm in the New Orleans heat. Why doesn't he just challenge his customers to buy Bibles on-line and contribute a percentage of sales to the Red Cross?

If they don't use the bibles for kindling, you know, to boil the water before drinking it, they can always use the pages for toilet paper once dysentery sets in. That's why they call it The Good Book.

Whatever, each to their own thing! If some folks think it’s a sensible priority to provide Katrina refugees a book full of contradictions, scientific absurdities, primitive superstitions, hoary old myths, a book replete with vile atrocities…well that’s their call… . If some of said refugees concur that’s also just dandy.


Jim Pemberton said...

Apparently they haven't heard of the massive amount of food and water being made available to refugees and relief workers. For example, the Southern Baptist Men's relief team based in Oklahoma was down there the day after Katrina left. Each team is capable of feeding thousands three meals a day sustained as long as the volunteers can afford to be away from work. There are other teams mobilizing to relieve them. I think our team in North Carolina provided food and laundry facilities for the crews at the Pentagon during the 9/11 crisis.

There is enough relief effort that these people are getting the food and water they need (which doesn't mean we need to stop providing it). But what they also need is hope, and there is no hope in fallen man as evidenced by the looters, rapists and murderers that have ravaged New Orleans in the wake of Katrina. Only the truth of the gospel provides lasting hope. Only the Creator of the universe can change the nature of man and we can trust that He didn't leave us here clueless as to His existence. That said, only the Judeo-Christian Bible has the evidence that it is truly God's message to us. What better way to provide hope than to give the assurance that our Creator has not left us to founder.

Jim Pemberton said...

Check out this article on the activities of churches toward relief.

Should not the hope that motivates churches to do this be available to those who receive the benefit of their ministry?