Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Major League Millionaires

ESPN has just released the names and salaries of every single Major League Baseball player earning one million dollars or more this year (yes, JUST this year). Any guesses as to how many millionaires are on that list???

No one?

It's 409 players. That includes such noteworthy players as Olmedo Saenz of the Dodgers and Jay Witasik of the Athletics.

That's 409 players out of 800 players (32 teams times 25 players each), which is 51.1% of all players. I wonder if any other occupation pays its labor force so well?

The top three players on the list are all Yankees: Alex Rodriguez at $25,680,727; Derek jeter at 20,600,000; and Jason Giambi at 20,428,571. Do you think it bothers Giambi that Jeter makes $171,429 more than he does? The Yankees also have two other players in the Top 11: Mike Mussina is the league's best paid pitcher ($19million) and Randy Johnson is the third best paid pitcher ($15,661,427). Andy Pettitte (former Yankee) is the second best paid pitcher ($16,428,416).

Barry Bonds is fourth with a salary of $20million on the nose.

The Yankees have a total of TWENTY-ONE of the millionaires, as do the Red Sox.

The Dodgers have sixteen millionaires. The Cardinals - 14. The Royals - THIRTEEN?!?
The Braves AND Pirates - 11. The Twins have eight. The Marlins have but TWO.

Man, if only I could have hit the ball!!!

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