Saturday, April 01, 2006

The 1836 get 86ed!

Speaking of politically correct mascots, have you heard about the Houston soccer franchise? The Major League Soccer team from San Jose moved to Houston and they tried to find a new name. They eventually settled on "1836." Not the 1836ers, just the number: the 1836. Pretty lame!

However, the lameness is not what got people upset. The year 1836 just happens to be the year that Texas seceded from Mexico after quite a few bloody battles. Remember the Alamo? That event occurred in 1836.

Well, it appears that the Mexican residents of Houston know their history pretty well, too. They got upset. They put political pressure on the SOCCER team and the soccer team collapsed under the weight. They eventually changed their name to the DYNAMO.

My question is this: What about all the British-Americans living in Philadelphia and beyond? Are they going to go after the Philadelphia 76ers?

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