Friday, August 12, 2005

The Most Liberal/Conservative Cities in America

The Bay Area Center for Voting Research has released their findings from the last election. Here are the results from looking at the voting records of cities with more than 100,000 residents:

1) Detroit, Michigan
2) Gary, Indiana
3) Berkeley, California
4) Washington, DC
5) Oakland, California
6) Inglewood, California
7) Newark, New Jersey
8) Cambridge, Massachusettes
9) San Francisco, California
10) Flint, Michigan

As for North Carolina, here are the results:
1) Durham (61st nationally)
2) Greensboro (72nd overall)
3) Raleigh (88th overall)
4) Charlotte (125th overall)
5) Fayetteville (128th overall)
6) Winston-Salem (144th overall)

Those were the only NC cities in the nation's top 237.
In South Carolina, only Columbia made made the liberal list (#88 overall).

1) Provo, Utah
2) Lubbock, Texas
3) Abilene, Texas
4) Hialeah, Florida
5) Plano, Texas
6) Colorado Springs, Colorado
7) Gilbert, Arizona
8) Bakersfield, California
9) Lafayette, Louisiana
10) Orange, California

As for North Carolina, here are the results:
1) Winston-Salem (93rd overall)
2) Fayetteville (110th overall)
3) Charlotte (112th overall)
4) Raleigh (150th overall)
5) Greensboro (166th overall)
6) Durham (179th overall)

Columbia is the 155th most conservative city overall and the only city from SC in the list of 237 cities.

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